Almonds – The Recovery Food

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While massage, ice baths and wading in frigid oceans are viewed as a necessary component in the recovery of elite athletes like the Australian Diamonds and AFL footballers, new research indicates that they should be eating almonds before and after training and matches. Studies have found that almonds can play a key role in improved sports performance.
They have shown that the intake of almonds shortly before a game or an athletic competition may be beneficial for “mind clearness and well being sensation”. In recent years, several research papers have provided evidence that an increased availability of fatty acids delay the appearance of exhaustion in animals and humans subjected to prolonged running. Almonds have also been identified as one of most beneficial recovery snacks for athletes. Almonds contain a macronutrient profile that helps reduce inflammation which is a common by-product of high impact running.

Source – INC’s The Cracker – July, 2012 edition.