Almondco operates of a set of specifications that exceeds those sets by the USDA. This ensures that the quality parameters provide customers with an assurance that they are receiving product superioer to those sorted to the accepted global standards.
For a copy of a certain specifications, please contact a member of the Almondco Sales network.

Recommended Almond Storage Conditions

The following suggestions are offered to clients to ensure the maximum protection of Almondco Australian almond products and a satisfactory shelf life.

Keep cool and dry. To retain quality and freshness, store at

2°C and 7°C / 50% to 60% relative humidity.
Store the product in racks to restrict access by vermin.
Rotate product to use old stock first.
Keep the area around stored product clean, dry and dust free.
Because almonds can easily absorb any surrounding flavours, it is recommended you store product separate from any strong odours.
Installation of a pest control system for the effective control of live insects is also recommended. (Contact your local pest control agent)
If you detect any insect or weevil damage, the product should be fumigated.

By following the above recommendations, the storage life of the purchased product would be a minimum of 12 months.