While the risk of contamination for almonds remains low in comparison to many other foodstuffs, the inherent risks associated with ground harvesting leaves the industry open to microbiological analysis.

In order to safeguard consumers and growers, Almondco has developed a unique system that eliminates the presence of pathogens with a chemical free natural process that uses a short jet of steam to clean the surface of every almond kernel. The beauty of this treatment is that the product retains all its natural attributes and can be re-activated while also meeting the food safety standards expected by many retailers across the globe.


Dummy Text Almondco processes a major share of the Australian almond crop. We are supplied by over 140 HACCP accredited growers from the main growing areas in Australia. Growers supply their crop to the company under contract, a system that drives down processing costs and allows a consistent marketing focus.

Almondco Australia is one of Australia’s largest almond processing, packaging and marketing groups. Located at Renmark, South Australia, Almondco has the largest and most modern almond processing plant in Australia.

Almondco offers a broad range of almond products and has strategic partnerships with Australia’s key food manufacturers, re-packers, retailers, wholesalers, food service and confectioners. Almondco has well established export markets in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, India, Japan, Middle East and New Zealand. Almondco is developing markets as supply permits in South East Asia, Eastern Europe and China.