Mandatory Pasteurisation

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Mandatory Pasteurisation in Australia – The Australian Almond Board at its Board of Management meeting held February 6 decided unanimously to support the mandatory pasteurisation of almond products sold on the Australian market.

The ABA is to apply to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand to require all raw almonds to be treated to achieve a minimum four log reduction in Salmonella. If FSANZ approves the amendment to the Food Standards Code it will ensure that all product sold on the domestic market meets high levels of product integrity, even in years of abnormal harvest weather when the risk of contamination is higher despite extensive testing regimens being undertaken.

With Australian consumption of almonds now one of the highest in the world (0.8 kg per person) and growing rapidly (14% during 2012), the ABA and the industry marketers have committed to providing this safeguard for Australian consumers’ health and also to avoid disruptions to the trade caused by contaminated product.

The ABA thanked Almondco Australia Ltd for its support in addressing this key industry initiative.