Almondco was founded by the pioneering families of the Australian almond industry in 1944. What started out as a co-operative of likeminded growers in the southern vales of Adelaide has become a powerhouse on the world stage, renowned for producing some of the highest quality product.
This reputation has been forged by the mutual understanding between growers and processors alike that a high quality offering will fetch a premium in a market dominated by Californian almonds.

More than 140 growers now supply Almondco across four growing districts – the Riverina, NSW, the Murray Valley, between Swan Hill and Mildura, the Riverland of South Australia and the Northern Adelaide Plains.

About 50% of all product received is the nonpareil variety, with the pollinator variety, carmel, representing about 30% of the annual intake.

The company has devised specifications that ensure product is packed to much higher levels than what is consider standardised practice and as a result the company continues to attract the quality conscious customer who understands the value of a premium offering.