Growers & Orchards

Growers & Orchards

Almondco was founded by the pioneering families of the Australian almond industry in 1944. Today more than 140 growers are shareholders of the company under a quasi co-operative structure. The company has been built by almond growers for almond growers.

From its humble beginnings in the southern vales of Adelaide, the grower base now extends right across the southern Murray Darling Basin from the Adelaide Plains across to the fertile Murrumbidgee Irrigation District around Griffith in NSW.

The grower owned and operated company is governed by a seven member board consisting of four grower elected members and three independents, including the managing Director.

Almondco growers have traditionally received a premium return for their crop due to the high standards observed in growing, hulling, shelling and processing. In more recent times Almondco has appointed Grower Service Manager Craig Simes, who is a renowned agronomist to provide day-to-day support to all growers. This has provided existing growers and perspective growers with a valuable resource when making key decisions on new plantings or addressing issues within the orchard.

Almondco’s board and senior executive members regularly convene grower meetings across the four growing regions to provide updates to its members. This is complemented by services provided by the staff of the Almond Board of Australia.

For further information on growing almonds please contact Craig Simes – or 0400 670 593.


Long time growers Catherine and Ted Woods with deputy chairman Andrew Lacey.


Grower Tony Spiers at the company’s 70th anninversary celebrations explaining how one of the very early harvesting tools was used.