Growers News

  • Almondco Grower Simon Vause features in RM Williams Outback Magazine

    Almondco Grower Simon Vause features in the latest edition of RM Williams Outback Magazine for the December/January period. This edition is all about Feeding Australia and highlights the Australian almond industry, amongst others, and its growing importance as a key contributor within the […]

  • Don Pearce hosts Better Homes and Gardens at his Chaffey orchard.

    Almondco grower Don Pearce has hosted Fast Ed and the Better homes and Gardens team at his Chaffey orchard near Renmark, SA. The filming was for a segment featuring Vitasoy almond milk waffles which were prepared fresh amongst Don’s immaculate almond orchard by Fast Ed. Ed also chatted with […]

  • Almondco Australia Delivers on $25 Million Almond Processing Infrastructure

    A new $25 million processing facility to service the almond industry in the Riverina of New South Wales will be officially opened by NSW Premier the Honoutable Gladys Berejiklian in Griffith today Wednesday 28th of June. The state of the art hulling, shelling and processing facility is the first […]

  • Australian Export Awards Winner 2016

    Australia’s Best: Almondco was named the 2016 Regional Exporter of the Year at the 54th Australian Export Awards in Brisbane. It is the second time in five years the company has won the award. The cooperative exports to over 35 countries. In 2015–16, it sold 9,700 tonnes of almond products to […]

  • Hanwood site

    Progress on Almondco’s new hulling and shelling facility at Hanwood in the Riverina is progressing well. When completed the plant will service the emerging almond industry in the district and boost the company’s primary processing capacity. It will be the company’s second hulling and shelling […]

  • Grower Services Manager

    Almondco Australia has appointed our first Grower Services Manager to further assist members maximise their grower return. Experienced Agronomist Craig Simes was recently appointed to the newly created full time position and is based at Almondco Lyrup, South Australia. We hope Craig’s role will […]

  • Winners of Regional Awards

    Brands SA – 2014 South Australian Regional Awards We are very excited to announce that Almondco was successful in winning two categories of the ‘Brands SA – 2014 South Australian Regional Awards’ (for the Murraylands and Riverland). The awards are: Telstra Large Business Award Food South Australia […]

  • Almondco 70 Year Anniversary Celebrations

    On the weekend of 17th and 18th May Almondco celebrated 70 years of business and 20 years of business in its current world class facility at Renmark. The weekend activities were very successful. This also coincided with the 2014 International Nut Congress held in Melbourne the week after our […]

  • Almondco posts record return

    Almondco Australia growers are set to received an average return of $8550 a tonne for their 2014 crop. Company managing director Brenton Woolston confirmed at this week’s annual general meeting in Adelaide that returns would increase by almost 30% on last year and be the second highest on record. […]

  • High grower return news 2014

    Almondco Australia marked its 70th anniversary celebrations on Sunday night by announcing that its growers are about to receive the third highest return in the past 20 years. The Renmark-based almond processor and marketer confirmed that the average payment to growers for last year’s crop would be […]

  • Almondco 70th – Prosperous Times

    Prosperous times mark Almondco’s 70th celebrations Almondco Australia will officially celebrate its 70th year this weekend against backdrop of unprecedented global demand and high pricing. The Renmark-based co-operative will play host to staff, many of its 150 growers and their families, as well as […]

  • Mandatory Pasteurisation

    Mandatory Pasteurisation in Australia – The Australian Almond Board at its Board of Management meeting held February 6 decided unanimously to support the mandatory pasteurisation of almond products sold on the Australian market. The ABA is to apply to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand […]

  • Almondco Almonds Wins!

    Almondco is proud to have recently won the Business SA Regional Exporter award, as well as the Advantage SA Food category for the Murray and River lands. These awards celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions to the community for regional businesses. The last of the awards for 2012 were […]

  • Almond Wins

    Almondco honoured for South Australian Export & Regional Achievement for 2012 Almondco was recently honoured as one of South Australia’s most successful and innovative exporters in the Business SA 2012 Export Awards, held at the National Wine Centre recently. In front of almost 300 guests, 11 […]