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Almondco Australia has appointed our first Grower Services Manager to further assist members maximise their grower return.

Experienced Agronomist Craig Simes was recently appointed to the newly created full time position and is based at Almondco Lyrup, South Australia.

We hope Craig’s role will further enhance our growers’ reputation for producing some of the highest quality almonds in the world.

We have encountered some of the toughest growing conditions in recent years and we believe Craig’s arrival will provide all growers with a readily available professional resource to address any on-farm issues that might arise.

Craig has experience in the almond industry and other horticultural crops, having worked as an Agronomist and Horticultural Consultant, with a focus on Entomology, in the Riverland and Sunraysia districts for over 10 years.

He is a graduate of the University of Adelaide, with a degree in Agricultural Science. Craig has an extensive network of contacts and is dedicated to developing strong relationships and providing a high level of agronomic advice to our grower base.

“As the Grower Services Manager for Almondco, I look forward to working with our growers to assist them in all aspects of almond production,” he said this week.

“By developing a greater understanding of almond processing I will have a better understanding of the key profit drivers of almond production and how to communicate this information to growers.”

Craig is available for one-on-one consultations with existing and prospective new growers and will be visiting growers on a regular basis to provide the latest information and feedback.

We trust you will utilize Craig wherever possible as we all strive to maintain Almondco’s position as the pre-eminent supplier of high quality Australian almonds.

From Brenton Woolston, Managing Director

Craig Simes can be contacted on:

Mobile: 0400 670 593

Phone: 08 8583 8269