Grower FAQ's


What benefits do you get being an Almondco Australian almond grower?

Almondco was built by almond growers for almond growers. We are an extension of their business. We believe it is in Almondco's interests to help our growers get the best possible returns. We expect our almond growers to be the best in the industry. That is why we have introduced knowledge sharing networks like the Almond Orchard Management Course, and the Almondco Quality System grower manual. Almondco has developed an international reputation for producing quality almonds that command premium prices and that's the way we want it to stay. If we can help growers in any way we will endeavour to do so.


Is it possible for growers to keep track of their harvest deliveries?

Yes, at Almondco we have installed a new computer system that can provide its almond grower members with vital data pertaining to their harvest. Weekly receival advices can be issued to growers. The documentation will confirm what has been received, how much it weighed with a running tally of their supply for the harvest. This is followed by a grading advice per delivery and allows growers to monitor their harvest and know exactly what they have delivered. In addition growers can request details of almond quality, which we will supply through a series of coloured graphs. After harvest we can give you a complete break down of your crop in regard to quality, quantity and any foreign matter.


What is the difference between Almondco and other almond processors and marketers?

We are an almond grower-based organisation committed solely to the growers. The growers' interests come first. Our track record in producing quality almonds is one of the best in the world and that has given us an edge with many of our customers.


For further information relating to growing almonds please contact our Growers Services Manager.

Grower Services Manager

Craig Simes – or 0400670593